Community reimagined

the merry outlaw

We are a community, where everyone is welcome. Our guiding vision is the experience of togetherness at a meal, applied beyond the table. We are reimagining how community spaces are used, one meal, one event, one celebration at a time. At the table and beyond, there will always be room for you, no matter what. ⁣
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Our Timeline

  • #TMOPortraitProject

    The goal of sharing stories and portraits is to highlight unique life experiences throughout our community to foster learning, understanding, and empathy for everyone in the Kansas City area. We have been (and will continue) using storytelling through our Portrait Project to cultivate valuable connections.

  • Donation-based Yoga Classes

    We have been (and will continue) co-hosting donation-based yoga classes, so that everyone in our community has an opportunity to stretch, relax, meditate, and connect with one another.

  • Partnerships

    We have been (and will continue) hosting events, parties, and fundraisers to highlight and support local organizations, artists, and individuals who are already doing important work for our community.

  • App Development

    We will develop an app to accumulate resources for people to view, interact with, and utilize to get the help they need. The app will connect people who need help with a volunteer-base who can provide relevant resources. This app will provide a platform for people to communicate with each other at their convenience.

  • Programming

    We are working on providing social and educational programs in KC, based on the specific needs of the community. Programs will range from free cooking classes to learn how to whip up a healthy meal on a budget, to trainings and resources for jail bail out advocacy.

  • Physical Space

    We will acquire a physical restaurant space to use for events and programs, before we officially open as a restaurant. We are committed to challenging the status quo of how restaurant spaces are used, and to creating an inclusive hub for resources, relationship-building, and of course eating delicious meals.

  • Pop-up Events

    We will begin hosting pop-up dinners to encourage folks in KC who have the means to join us for upscale, farm-to-table meals. Profits from these dinners will fund events to raise awareness about food justice and to provide meals for people in KC who are experiencing food insecurity.

  • Food Justice Events

    Funded by the pop-up events, we will provide events and resources around the topic of food justice. We will examine how our community wastes food and explore ways to combat food insecurity.

  • The Restaurant

    We will open a restaurant with a unique business model. Dinner profits will subsidize a lunch voucher program, so that folks experiencing food insecurity will be able to eat for free, from the same delicious and nourishing menu paying lunch customers will order from. Through the experience of the community meal, we will work to connect people to resources and establish meaningful relationships.

  • Food for the People!

    We will provide beautiful and nourishing meals for all to enjoy!

  • Needs Assessment

    Based on feedback from the community, we will assess needs and create programs and systems to support them. Through ongoing use of our app, we will be connecting people who need specific resources with people who have those resources to offer.

  • Service Expansion

    We will eventually hire a social worker to expand services based on feedback from the app and within the community. The social worker will set up rotating social services to be offered in the restaurant space one day a week, when the restaurant is closed for business.